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33 /hr. Apple’s Beats Deal Is Happening, And It’s A Dre Acquihire | TechCrunch

A well-placed source has confirmed rumors that Apple's acquisition of Beats "is happening" but was close to falling apart multiple times. The source said with.. - 18 hours, 19 minutes

61 /hr. Apple dethroned by Google as world's most valuable brand - CNET

Apple's brand value fell by 20 percent, according to a survey by Millward Brown research company. - 1 day, 17 hours

397 /hr. iPhone (MetroGnome Remix)

▶ Free Download : ▶ ▶ ▶ - 1 day, 17 hours

37 /hr. Here's The Lousy Advice Apple Is Giving People Who Can't Receive Texts From iPhone Users

"Their response was that I needed to contact every person I know and tell them to delete my contact information, and then re-enter it into their phone." - 4 days

40 /hr. Apple releases OS X 10.9.3 with improved 4K support, restored USB sync

iCloud-circumventing local sync makes a return, also requires iTunes update. -

36 /hr. Apple Releases OS X 10.9.3 With Enhanced Support for 4K Displays, Syncing Improvements

Apple today released OS X 10.9.3, after two months of developer testing. The last 10.9.3 developer beta, build 13D61, was released just over a week... -

35 /hr. iTunes 11.2 Released With Podcast Improvements, Bug Fixes

Apple today released iTunes 11.2 with several improvements to Podcast browsing, giving users a way to find new episodes with an "Unplayed"... -

32 /hr. Ken Shirriff's blog: iPad charger teardown: inside Apple's charger and a risky phony

43 /hr. Flappy Bird to Return to the App Store in August, Will Be Multiplayer and 'Less Addictive'

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen today announced plans to return Flappy Bird to the App Store in August in a new interview with CNBC's Kelly... -

44 /hr. iPhone 6 with larger, sharper 1704 x 960 resolution screen in testing

Apple is preparing to release a new iPhone with a larger screen later this year, and while multiple reports have indicated that the screen will be larger, the exact dimensions of the screen and its... -

72 /hr. An Apple Employee Admits That iPhones Often Won't Deliver Texts If You Switch To Android

An Apple customer support employee has admitted that, in fact, "a lot" of users have this problem. -

46 /hr. Research Project Cider Brings iOS Apps to Android Devices

Six PhD students at Columbia University's Department of Computer Science have developed Cider, an OS compatibility architecture capable of running iOS apps -

114 /hr. Photos Show Off What Could Be Apple's Larger iPhone 6

A set of photos posted on a Taiwanese website appear to show off the case of the upcoming iPhone 6. -

39 /hr. Apple Patents Wraparound Edge-Mounted iPhone Displays With Virtual Buttons | TechCrunch

Apple has a new patent granted today (spotted by AppleInsider) for a side-mounted wraparound display that could be used to add virtual buttons to the edges of.. -

700 /hr. Apple Helps Cops Hide Police Brutality

May 12, 2014   The rapid emergence of smart phones with high definition cameras leads to consequences for law-breaking cops. Recently, law enforcement throughout the country has been trying to pass laws that would make it illegal to film them while they're on duty. But Apple is coming out with a new technology that would… -

72 /hr. Apple Looking to Boost Safari JavaScript Performance with New Accelerator Upgrades

Apple is apparently working on significant improvements to JavaScript performance for its Safari browser, as shown by the inclusion of accelerator... -

269 /hr. Eight things you should know about the next iPhone

For a company famed for its tight-lipped secrecy, Apple’s flagship products have a surprisingly strong track record for leaking essentially in their entirety. The Wall Street Journal has a... -

67 /hr. What if Apple bought Beats not for headphones, but wearables?

Nobody knows why Apple is buying Beats, but many are taking a guess. Business reporters and financial analysts are keen to tell you about all the known pieces of Beats that kind of, sort of, p... -

49 /hr. Apple Close to Buying Beats Electronics for $3.2 Billion

Apple could be close to making the biggest acquisition in the company's history, offering $3.2 billion to purchase headphone maker Beats Electronics, which recently launched a streaming music servi... -

329 /hr. Apple's $3.2B Beats Buy Would Make Dre Rap's Richest Man

Dr. Dre leapfrogged Jay Z in FORBES' latest rankings of hip-hop's richest artists, claiming the number two position as his net worth soared to an estimated $550 million. Now it looks like the Beats cofounder could lay claim to the top spot in a matter of days. -

302 /hr. What Apple is really buying with Beats

All that was missing was the sound of a record needle scratch: Apple is doing what? But the Financial Times’ report Thursday evening that the company plans to buy Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion... -

39 /hr. Apple buys Beats in a $3.2 billion deal

We're yet to see how Apple is going to integrate the company in its music business strategy. -

67 /hr. Apple hires Nokia's Lumia photography lead

Apple has hired a senior figure from Nokia's camera division. Lumia photography lead Ari Partinen, whose LinkedIn profile lists a history of working on Nokia cameras from 2007, announced on Twitter... -

49 /hr. 'The first billionaire in hip-hop': A drunk Dr. Dre seemingly confirms Apple's Beats buyout | Cult of Mac

Reports of Apple's pending Beats Electronics acquisition has left the vast majority of us scratching our heads, but if you thought this was just another sp -

117 /hr. Reports: Apple Could Buy Beats Electronics for $3.2 Billion

The rapper Lil Wayne wears Beats headphones. If the acquisition goes through, it would be Apple’s largest purchase of all time.  The acquisition was first reported by Financial Times. The New York Times, Bloomberg News, and the Wall Street Journal all later chimed in.  Beats Electronics was founded by rapper Dr. Dre and music mogul Jimmy Iovine in 2008, and is currently the largest maker of high-end headphones in America. Beats is most famous for its “Beats by Dre” over-the-ear headphones worn over the ear, which are popular with rappers and celebrities, and which start at around $300 per pair. -

60 /hr. Apple in final talks to acquire Beats Electronics for $3.2b, deal could be announced next week

According to the Financial Times, Apple is in late-stage talks with Beats to acquire the music streaming and headphone maker for a deal worth $3.2 billion. The deal could be announced as soon as ne... -

131 /hr. Apple reportedly considering buying Beats for $3.2 billion

Apple is reportedly negotiating the purchase of Beats for $3.2 billion, according to a new report from The Financial Times. The deal would include both the streaming Beats Music subscription... -

76 /hr. Apple in Talks to Acquire Beats Electronics for $3.2 Billion

Apple is said to be close to completing an acquisition of Beats Electronics, the headphone company and streaming music service created by Dr. Dre and... -

136 /hr. Samsung found to infringe Apple patents for over $119 million in damages

After three full days of deliberations, a jury in San Jose, California found that Samsung had infringed upon two Apple patents, and that it owed the Cupertino company $119,625,000 in damages. But... -

82 /hr. Steve Jobs Defied Convention, and Perhaps the Law

Mr. Jobs’s conduct is a reminder that the difference between genius and potentially criminal behavior can be a fine line. -