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PAUL WARDINGHAM | Interstellar Desert Racer [Official Video]

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MP3s/CDs/TABS/MERCH at Thanks for your support! BANDCAMP: Also available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Apple Music ABOUT ELECTROMANCER (2018) The master of futuristic metal shred, Paul Wardingham is back with his 4th completely self-produced instrumental cyber metal epic, Electromancer! A sequel to Paul's 2nd album, he returns to the world he created for The Human Affliction, 150 years in the future! Inspired by his favourite sci-fi movies from the 80s and 90s, Wardingham pushes the boundaries of his pioneering instrumental style even further with Electromancer. Featuring a more retro-futuristic, synthwave influenced, electro-metal sound than on previous albums. “Electromancer...
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