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Namewee's Song for Valentine's 黃明志的情人節告白歌曲【Behind Me 在我背後】@亞洲通牒 Ultimatum To Asia 2019

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You are always behind me, no matter what happens. I love you and thanks for loving me. 或許你的故事跟我不一樣, 但相信你們背後都會有一個對你不離不棄, 默默守著你的人, 記得要好好愛她們. 預祝全天下的情侶, 夫妻, 老夫妻, 情人節快樂. Wish everyone happy Valentine's Day! Muack Muack. Namewee 黃明志 Official Facebook Fan Page: Namewee YouTube Channel Link: ===================================================== 網購 [黃明志亞洲通牒] Purchase Music Album [Namewee’s Ultimatum To Asia]: 『數位音樂服務 Digital Music Services』 KKBOX: Spotify: iTunes & Apple Music: 网易云音乐: 虾米音乐: QQ音乐: MyMusic: friDay音樂: JOOX: NAMEWEE黃明志最新專輯 Latest Album 2019【亞洲通牒 Ultimatum To Asia】數位平台線上收聽 NOW AVAILABLE on: KKBOX: ► Spotify: ► iTunes: ► Apple Music: ► MyMusic: ► Amazon: ► Deezer: ► Tidal: ► 虾米音乐: ► ===================================================== #Namewee #黃明志
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