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8th Day - "We All Belong" (Official Music Video)

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A project of the Ruderman Chabad Inclusion Initiative. Spotify - MM - iTunes - Amazon - "We All Belong" composed, written and co-produced by Esther Deutsch. Music Video credits: Produced and Directed by Bentzi Marcus Edit and Visual Effects - Stu Hershey Sufrin Cinematography - Mendel Grossbaum DP - Barry Cohen DP for 8th Day LA shoot - Mendel Katz Project Director - Sarah Kranz-Ciment Line Producer - Avi Feder Cover Image Design - Mary Engels Mural Artwork - Yitzchok Moully Marketing Director - Sruly Meyer Appearances by: Mussia Hershkowitz Nechama Hershkowitz Jonah Goldstein Betzalel Scheinfeld...
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