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Bauhinia Rhapsody 紫荊狂想曲

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This song and video is a collective expression dedicated by you all. Song proceeds will go towards the legal fees of victims fighting #HongKongPoliceBrutality as well as supporting the artists of this project. 這集體創作的一曲,謹此獻給所有人。本曲所有收益全數捐予對抗警暴的義士以及支持本創作的所有創作人。 Also available on: Spotify: Apple Music: Apple iTunes: How To Help Hong Kong from Abroad: Dead streets, a shell of what once was - denying what could be - reveals a legacy that our great ancestors never wanted us to inherit. “How did it get this way?” Nobody asks; we already know the answers, repeated and beaten into our collective anxieties month...
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