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I fixed the "Welcome Home" Disney World commercial

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This'll end well. Voices: Tony Goldmark, Kevin Anderson, Andrew Bluett, Emily Clark, Eri Espe, Morgan Funder, David Ganssle, John David Hamilton, Zach Hurst and Randall Workman Additional Crowd Voices: Bennett Billard, Jeff Scot Carey, Michael Charboneau, Alessandra Dreyer, Tyler Green, Kade Fisher, Ryan Hipp, Casey Kane, Amy Knight, Jacob Martin, Mike J. McAllister, Andrew Reyes, Jared Rosenfeld, Cassie Shima, Tony Turner and Ryan Walterson Original video: Music: "A Life of Adventure" by Keith Merrill (Special thanks to @BrandonH_1995 on Twitter for recommending it) If you enjoyed this video, consider helping this channel on Patreon: Follow me on...
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