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⚠️ Daveed Lucid - ???? Eyes Wide Open (Prod. by Daveed Lucid) [Official Audio] (NEW MUSIC 2020)

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Listen to "Eyes Wide Open" ???? by Daveed Lucid! Subscribe now for a new song EVERY WEEK! ▶ ????️ Written & Performed by Daveed Lucid ????️ Produced, Recorded, Engineered & Mixed by Daveed Lucid at Lucid Music Studios ????️ Mastered by Stuart Bishop at Flatspin Recordings. THIS THAT REAL SOUTHERN SHIT I'M TALKIN' SLOW LOUD AND BANGIN' REST IN PEACE TO PIMP C THAT WAS MY PRAYER WHEN I WAS SLANGIN' I WAS TRAPPIN' EVERY NIGHT NIGGA CAR DOOR SWANGIN' IN AND OUT STRAIGHT UP AND DOWN, EVERY NIGHT JUST LIKE WE PLANNED IT HAD THE SUPPLY AND THEY...
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