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Seal Pillow - The Graduate [Official MV]

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Song: The Graduate Artist: Seal Pillow Label: Parinam Music Streaming: Seal Pillow's members: 1. Chalerm - Vocal 2. Pakorn - Bass 3. Aaron - Guitar 4. Mumza - Guitar 5. Araya - Drums MV Credits: Directed by Chanonpawon Sukhavanich Actress: Kanjanawadee Chuesa-ard [ Instagram : __ploykan ] Song Credits: Produced by Seal Pillow Lyrics & Composed by Pakorn Arranged by Seal Pillow ฺBacking Vocal by Saruta Jaroenwanich Sound Engineer by Araya Mixed/Mastered by Piyasu Komaradat Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Bangkok Poco Studio Follow Seal Pillow: Facebook: Instagram: Spotify: Apple Music: Follow Parinam Music: Facebook: Instagram:
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